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The not so serious....

A Game that encourages you to call you when you hear it!

We all know a bullshitter, they may be a mate, partner, family member, or co-worker. They often has some sort of story that involves some hard to believe feat of endurance, sexual prowess or overstate the size of something. 

Have you ever sat there and wanted to call "Bullshit!"?

Well, now you can.

The serious....

Men's Mental Health

We've all had a mate we've suspected is struggling with mental health tell us 'he's fine' (we know, we've been that mate).

Now you can throw down the card. Call it. Let them know you're there to listen.

It may be just what they need to encourage them to talk.

Since that day  (I opened up about my emotions), it's just been so much easier to live and so much easier to enjoy life.

Michael Phelps